Getting PCOS-friendly meals on the Table just got easier.

Are You Overwhelmed With Figuring Out What To Eat For PCOS?

Need Accountability To Do It Consistently?


Then You’re In The Right Place.  


Reduce Stress In the Kitchen And Get Weekly Live Support To Help You Make Simple Delicious Meals That Will Improve Your PCOS Symptoms.

Does this sound familiar…


Think about how amazing it would be if you could… 


Thankfully, everything you need is a few clicks away…

Introducing the PCOS Meal Prep Membership

The PCOS Meal Prep Membership provides you with a proven system and the support needed to get nourishing PCOS-friendly meals to the table without breaking a sweat in the kitchen.
Gone are the days of just getting a “list of foods” to eat from your healthcare provider.
Or taking a single course on PCOS nutrition thinking it will help you change your habits. 
For LASTING health behavior change, you need support, accountability, guidance and a community that will help you TAKE ACTION.
PCOS Meal prep logo on imagine of laptop with a variety of PCOS foods

Unlike other PCOS Programs that only provide information...

The PCOS Meal Prep Membership will arm you with knowledge and support to TAKE ACTION! Setting you free from the stress of feeling overwhelmed or like you are doing it all alone.

Key Benefits Of Joining The PCOS Meal Prep Membership

Reduce Stress

Eliminate the stress that PCOS causes around food and having to figure out what to eat each week.

Improve PCOS Symptoms

Increase energy levels and mood, eliminate carb cravings, regulate cycle, improve hormonal acne and excessive hair growth & manage weight.

Save Time & Money

Save time each week not having to research and create a PCOS meal plan and grocery list. Save money by utilizing an easy plan to reduce takeout & food waste.

Increase confidence

Gain confidence in knowing exactly what to eat to nourish your body and become a badass in the kitchen.

Experience Relief

Relief about FINALLY finding a sustainable way to eat and nourish your body to manage PCOS symptoms and prevent complications.

Executive Dysfunction/ADHD Support

Weekly support with planning/organizing meals as well as support in implementing and taking action!

Improve Relationship with Food

Stop following fad diet after fad diet. Learn to include all foods rather than focus on restriction.

Food-As-Medicine Approach

Implement a sustainable food-as-medicine approach to managing PCOS, improving fertility, reducing inflammation, insulin resistance and preventing chronic diseases.

Hey There, I'm Meggie and I Can't Wait To Help...


Hi! I’ Meggie, a Registered Dietitian, Culinary Nutritionist and fellow PCOS-er.  I spent years struggling with my PCOS symptoms like weight gain, acne, hair growth, fatigue, anxiety and more… then I went back to school to get my Master’s in Nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian. 



That is where I learned about a sustainable nutrition approach to help manage my PCOS symptoms, so they weren’t 

taking over my life.  I also wasn’t willing to give up all my favorite foods- carbs. 


Even with “knowing” the right thing to do, I still struggled with actually implementing it consistently. As the years went on, I noticed that my nutrition coaching clients also struggled with being consistent in meal planning, meal prepping and cooking healthy foods.


We can all learn “theory” but the hardest part of making healthy habit changes is actually doing it, consistently. 


Meal planning (and some prepping) is honestly the BEST thing you can do for managing PCOS symptoms because no one can make a healthy choice when it’s 5pm and you’re hangry.  Or at least I know I can’t. I’ll be ordering a pizza and eating a box of Cheezits while I wait. 


That is where the PCOS Meal Prep Membership comes in. To help you get PCOS friendly meals on the table, without all the stress, and do it consistently. 


Meggie Connelly MS, RD, LDN PCOS Dietitian and founder PCOS Meal Prep Membership.

All Members Get Full Access To:

Weekly PCOS meal Plans

Each week you get access to weekly meal guides to help take the guess work out of figuring out what to eat.
PLUS Shopping Lists and Substitution Suggestions

Weekly Live meal Prep Support

This "mini" meal prep session (#mealprepmondays) help you take action! Get the accountability and support you need to prep meals or snacks for the week.

The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course

Access to the ONLY PCOS Cooking Course to teach you WHAT to eat and HOW to actually cook it.
Dive into 12 Modules that cover PCOS nutrition and culinary lessons, cooking videos and supportive materials.

PCOS Dietitian Support

Be able to ask a Registered Dietitian that specializing in PCOS questions about PCOS nutrition or lifestyle recommendations WITHOUT having to pay $$$

Supportive PCOS Community

Having PCOS can feel lonely. Making lifestyle change is hard.
But having a supportive community for accountability and encouragement is key to your success.


Access to additional nutrition courses, cooking videos, handouts, recipe library and cooking classes!

Here's what people Are Saying About Working with Meggie...

This program changed my life by changing my view point of food...

I feel more confident now in the kitchen…This program is a life changer as long as you push yourself and don’t give up. I loved challenging myself to try new foods. This program gets you out of your comfort zone in a good way.

Previous Client

The old me was overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, lethargic and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I now feel educated about my body’s specific needs, validated about my healthy journey and why dieting failed every time. I’m now energized and more comfortable/confident in my own body regardless of what it looks like to others.  I finally feel like I am getting back to the person I was before my 40 pound weight gain.

Previous Client

I had been following really strict diets that weren't sustainable...

I would end up bingeing. Through the programI learned how to create a more sustainable diet change.

Previous Client

I went from feeling overwhelmed and defeated to...

Making small consistent changes to my diet without feeling like I'm sacrificing everything I love it eat. I've now lost weight, lowered my A1C, decreased inflammation and bloating. 

Current Client
PCOS Meal Prep Membership Testimonial
PCOS Meal Prep Membership testimonial

The PCOS Meal Prep Membership is for you, IF...

  • It’s 5pm and you’re asking yourself “What’s for dinner?”
  • You’re doing take-out more than 3x per week.
  • You’ve tried unsustainable, restrictive diets, only to feel like you’ve failed [BTW, it’s not your fault]
  • You’re not comfortable in the kitchen or never learned to cook.
  • You need support and accountability to making habit changes. 
  • You want to understand how nutrition impacts PCOS.
  • You want to get PCOS supportive meals to the table faster.
  • You’d like to remove stress and feeling overwhelmed with meal preparation.
  • You’re looking for a sustainable action plan to make simple, nutrient-dense meals to improve your PCOS and that your whole family will love.
PCOS Meal prep logo on imagine of laptop with a variety of PCOS foods

Get Instant Access to PCOS Meal Prep Membership


Recurring payment, cancel anytime
$ 22 Monthly
  • Full Access to All Content
  • Cancel Any Time
  • 30 Day Guarantee


BEST VALUE - Save $44
$ 220 Per Year
  • Full Access to All Content
  • Cancel Any Time
  • 30 Day Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

You have scrolled down this far so I know you are serious about improving your PCOS symptoms with nutrition. I’m going to make your decision to join me in the kitchen a bit easier…

I’m a busy person just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a membership. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t help you save time and meet your health goals.

I’m extremely proud of the PCOS Meal Prep Membership and I know anyone who joins will be thrilled with their investment.

That is why I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that you will meet all your health goals with this membership alone, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the materials. As well as the time, stress and feelings of overwhelm it will save you.

If you’re not happy with the content, I will refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

This membership is for individuals that need help TAKING ACTION! They that want to improve their PCOS symptoms with nutrition but don’t want to follow another restrictive diet, again and again. They understand that getting in the kitchen and cooking will improve their health, but don’t know what to cook, have a hard time being consistent and need support.  They might not have a lot of cooking skills or be an incredible chef.  This membership is really about APPLYING knowledge of PCOS nutrition (plus learning about it too) into something that is realistic, doable and delicious. 

Even though we would hate to have you go, you can easily cancel (or place membership on hold) with the click of a button. 

Meal plans come out weekly but you do have access to previous meal plans and recorded meal prep sessions.  You will have access to the current meal plan right way. 


The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course has 6 modules available right way and more to be dripped after the launch.


Access to bonuses like handouts, ebooks, cooking videos and courses are available once membership is active.

Yes and No. If you decide to cancel the membership, you will lose access to information inside the membership site and FB group. 


You will have access to any meal plans, recipes, ebooks or handouts that you have downloaded. The supportive materials are yours to keep. 🙂 

Yes! Once you have joined the PCOS Meal Prep Membership at the Monthly level, you will quickly realize that this kind of support it what you always needed to finally create that sustainable lifestyle. You can easily upgrade to an Annual Membership and save some money. 

I offer a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. So while not technically a “trial”, you can get you money back if you find the membership isn’t right for you.  Feel free to email me at to ask any questions.

The weekly Live “mini” meal prep sessions are on Mondays @7:30pm EST

I hear you saying, "Sounds great but.."